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Let's create a safe space within your mind

Let's begin by saying hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis. What you may have seen on television may have been a performance for entertainment purpose.   Hypnotherapy is not mind control or being under the spell of a hypnotist. This is also not a truth serum whereby, when under hypnosis,  I will be able to abstract all information from you.

So then, what is hypnotherapy? It is a complete state of relaxation of mind and body where you will reach a heightened state of suggestibility; a focused state. In fact, it is actually a natural occurring state in our everyday lives. While in the hypnotic state, you will be in complete control and aware of the whole session.


All emotions are good.

Everyday we go through life with so many emotions. These emotions leaves a blueprint in our subconscious mind. Overtime these blueprint gets re-enforced if similar events occurs. 

Now think about this, if undesirable emotion gets re-enforced over time, what would be the outcome?

In hypnotherapy, we will get to the root of the issue that needs to be changed.


An age old question. There are so many sceptics reporting it as placebo effect. There are also many evidence based reports on hypnosis. 

So to answer this question in short, Yes it is real. Studies have shown that hypnotic suggestions can alter people's perception and sensation. It can be used to alter undesirable behaviours and self-limiting thoughts. Hypnosis has been used since ancient times. The doubt people often have about hypnosis is because you can easily "fake" a hypnotic response. As such, it is advisable to work with a trusted hypnotherapist and to completely trust and commit to the process. This will be  beneficial to you.

If you have any questions or doubts, I will be pleased to answer you. Please contact me or click on the Enquiry button below.

The law of life is the law of belief

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